Saturday, October 8, 2016

Random Ideas:including a new blog idea.....

Once again, I'm sorry for how late this post is. Hopefully this will change due to an idea I will mention below.

So, what have I been doing all this time? I sometimes have trouble with that question, so how about this: What have I been thinking all this time?

Well, here are some completely random thoughts I've had lately:
  • How I will probably not finish "Copycat." How do you novel-writers out there stick to just one idea at a time?! 
  • It would be really fun to be a talk show host. Just imagine - you interview people for a living! Lately I've been thinking of what questions I would ask people, particularly actors/actresses and writers. The main question I would ask actors/actresses and writers is: "Do you see any remnants of yourself in the character/protagonist?" What questions would you ask? I'd love to hear your answers in the comment section!
  • Simple machines. I'm taking General Science, and I just finished the module on simple machines, so now I'm analyzing every item I see. Hey, I think I used a first-class lever today! Now I should calculate the mechanical advantage......
  • Acting. A while ago I realized something: When I daydream, I often imagine being in different (sometimes dangerous) situations, usually with a different personality type - and I don't usually like to commit to the same situation and the same persona all the time. So I assumed this meant I should be a novel writer. However, I noticed that my tendency is not to write about it, but to ACT it out! It's like my imagination comes without verbal fluency -  which can be very frustrating for a writer. In other words, I want to play the role as long as someone else makes the script. There was only one problem with this observation....I don't have much experience. And even when I did, I didn't cease the opportunity like I should have. I decided I needed practice. But how would I get it? As I was wrestling with this, my mom saw that a Homeschool Drama Camp was available, and she asked me if I wanted to do it. Of course I said 'yes,' and I was so excited that I SMILED! Okay, I know. But really, that's how my mom knew I was excited. So now I want to work on being more aware of my facial expressions/body language, and making sure to talk with inflection. Those have been recurring thoughts lately.
  • A new blog. This is probably the most interesting thought to you, Reader. I know what you're thinking - that I can barely keep this blog going. That's what I thought, too. But then I realized something: first of all, I think, for writer's-block's sake, that having a specific blog rather than a personal blog would be easier. Also, it would make the blog known for something (you know, how you hear a blog name and know immediately "Oh, yeah that's a blog about ____.") so that when you are looking for information about a certain topic, you know where to go. And lastly, I have been brainstorming (sometimes at the cost of sleep) ecstatically about blog post ideas, all relating to one topic - a topic of which I have sustained much interest in. The topic is: the personality types. I would like the blog to be a combination of the DISC temperaments and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The only thing I haven't thought of is a name. Any ideas?  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Copycat: A novel I'm working on

I apologize for not posting in SO long! I've been very busy lately, just not always busy with blog ideas! (I really hope I won't have to say that at the beginning of every post).

Lately I've been thinking a lot about a sci-fi novel I hope to write. I've had the idea for a long time, but within the past week or two the storyline has become a little bit clearer and the next thing I knew I was super excited and felt like I should actually try it! I already have plans for a sequel!

So far I have just written the back-cover description and the first paragraph three times (I'm still not sure if it's good enough). Here is the back-cover description:

Monsters are already dangerous - but even more so when they're just like you.

For Kaprissa Knight, surviving unsual, sci-fi-style invasions have become the norm in the world she calls home - so much that she becomes part of a private military and research facility dedicated to the prevention of the attacks becoming worldwide. 

But when suspicious aliens (that the scientists call, "Copycats") begin creating themselves out of the likeness of their enemies, it starts to take over even the toughest of the crew. Now the soldiers, spies, and scientists alike struggle to battle their worst enemy - themselves.

So that's what I've been up to lately. I have made my brother, Nathan, the "advisor/editor," and he has made himself part of the reason it's my third attempt at writing the first paragraph. But that's  what editors (and older siblings) are for, right? 

I think I'll call the book "Copycat." I was going to call it "The Monster in the Mirror" until I found out that was the name of a song from Sesame Street. 

Anyway, back to the storyline. I want to note that the real "battle" in this book is more psychological than physical. This has caused me to realize something as a writer. I've realized that my natural way of writing  a novel is to make the protagonist's inner conflict their outer conflict also. When you do this, the character can no longer ignore their abstract, inner battle because it affect then affects the outer, tangible world. You see, I think people ignore their deep, inner emotions by distracting themselves with the activities and events of their external world. But with this method of writing, there is no escape. They have to deal with the inside in order to fix the outside. 

I hope I didn't lose you just now.  I could have continued that paragraph for a long time. I might just do a post on it. But I think I'll stop now and give you (and my almost overheated laptop) a break. 

Until next time,

Keep studying the Dandelions!

Saturday, July 9, 2016


The power of one word. Starting anything with one word captures your attention. It forces you to picture what it is and think, "What about (blank)? In what perspective will this word be taken?" Posts tagged "One word" are all about that word - and all the ways it can be taken. Today, the word is:


(n.) The complete absence of sound.

Silence is definitely not a commonly thought-about word. My guess it that most people find the idea to be extremely boring. And that's exactly why I'm writing about it.

When I think of silence, one of the things that comes to mind is something my brother's scout master used to say - "Silence is acceptance." In this case, the word takes on a relatively negative persona, while usually it is thought to be very neutral. Plain. Boring.

I don't think silence has to be boring. Silence echos whatever you fill it with. While the world is silent, your mind speaks.

Take a moment to sit (or stand) in silence. Don't do or listen to anything. Stop reading this article for thirty seconds.

Now, what did you hear? A song that can't get out of your head? echos of what you just read? a movie quote? In other words, what were you thinking about? Was it different than what you normally think about?

Even though there were no outside sounds, I'm sure you still heard noise - it's your thoughts. "Listen to the silence." Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

Right. I was just messing with you.

But sometimes you can. Did you ever stop to think about why music has rests? Being that silence is the complete absence of sound, why would it be used in music - the art of sound itself?

I think it's because it's different. It's unexpected. And so is silence in the rest of the world. We're constantly bombarded by sound. It can sometimes intrude our thoughts - so that when silence finally comes it seems wrong. It's disturbing. Even boring. We're so used to outside sound that we can't hear the inner noise crying out to be heard - but as soon as it can be, we feel the need to drown it out.

One last thing. If you actively listen to the silence (I've tried this), and try to find outside noise, you will. You'll hear every subtle noise you've been missing. It's really quite interesting.

The bottom line: Savor the silence. Notice the noise. Embrace it all.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Minimalism and Christianity

I would like to start off by apologizing for not posting in a REALLY long time. Ironically enough, my last post was on "The cure for writers block", preceding a brain completely empty of ideas.

Lately, I've been exploring and pondering the idea of minimalism. In case you haven't heard of it, it is basically a growing trend based on the goal of owning the least amount of stuff possible - or at least seriously cutting back. 

Maybe you've heard of this idea. If so, you may think of the person fitting everything he owns in a backpack, or the couple limiting their belongings to one hundred items. Well, I found the concept to be very interesting, and I've recently been listening to videos by a particular minimalist that you may have heard of  - Joshua Becker.

One day Joshua Becker decided to clean out the garage. He asked his son to join him, and he gladly accepted the offer. But soon after they began, the son was reunited with toys he hadn't played with in months, so he decided he would rather play with his toys than continue with the garage. As his dad continued cleaning the garage, the son would occasionally ask him if he could play with him. But cleaning out the garage was a day-long project, so the dad didn't have time to play with his son. Long story short, the Becker family's journey to minimalism began that day.

But it wasn't the same journey others had taken. Fitting everything into a backpack or owning one hundred items wasn't going to work for an entire family. So Joshua Becker came up with their own definition of minimalism:

The intentional promotion of what we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.

That definition is pretty much quoting Scripture. As soon as I heard this, I immediately thought of the following Bible verse:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. 
Hebrews 12:1

What is God calling you to do that clutter is keeping you from? 

"Clutter" doesn't just refer to physical stuff around you. It can be cluttered time, a cluttered mind, or cluttered emotions - also referred to as baggage. Maybe your baggage is piled up so high that you can't even see your emotions. Whatever type of clutter it is, God is calling us to "Throw off everything that hinders" so we can run the race He is calling you to run.

It is so weird writing this post, being that I'm not at all a minimalist. This post is not to convince you to be one. It is for the sole purpose of living out Hebrews twelve in whatever way God is calling you. Now go run the race.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The cure for writer's block

Have you ever gotten writer's block? 

I'm sure you have. The blank page staring back at you doesn't help at all. Perhaps you've had the same thing, but with art. The blank canvas is just as blank as your mind. The question, "what do I write?" or "what do I draw?" echo in your mind, and that's all you can think of. 

You give up, continue with your day, and then it happens. 

You're supposed to be focusing on your math, history, or chore. But the idea bubbles up inside you until you're practically bouncing with excitement. Of all the moments to think of your idea, it's not the right time, or should I say WRITE time! (Pun of the day). You have deadlines. You have to be here, do this, and be ready for this. Your idea is too exciting and fun for it to be important, right? 


There is something very wrong about that mindset. The mindset that if it's enjoyable, it's not important. Protecting your creativity is crucial. 

Society plays a big part in the lack of creativity we are having - therefore, more cases of writer's block, and more people uninterested in writing. We don't appreciate writing like we should. Think about it. Writing gives you the opportunity to put whatever you want on that blank page. It's your chance to create the rules, the characters, and the situations. You even get to decide - and create - the world the characters are in. There are endless possibilities - all at the tip of your pen - or pencil, or keyboard. Why do we throw away this remarkable ability? And what role does society play in it? 

Our world today surrounds us with instructions: "How to fix a lawnmower" "How to be happy - ten easy steps." It figures it out for us - all we have to do is do. Not think, but do. It makes us feel that doing is our sole purpose in life. If we're not doing anything, we feel unproductive. What happened to good-old-fashioned sitting and thinking? And here we are, constantly waiting for the next instructions. We can't figure it out - that's the purpose of the internet, instruction booklet, or whatever. How could we ever make it in a world that doesn't tell us exactly what to do, for example, the world of writing. 

This is why we need to protect our creativity - because it's becoming a lost art. Don't be afraid to write - there's a world of endless possibilities, so that excuse is out of the way. How can you get in the creative mood? It depends on you. For me personally, I either pace around the room or listen to classical or mysterious-sounding music.Or both. But most of the time, when and idea comes to me, it's when I'm not trying. As for you, do whatever you want - go outside, think about an object and how you could write about, or don't sit at a desk. 

Just remember, wasted paper isn't paper that's used on amateur writing, but paper that's left blank. 

                                                       What do you think? 

I believe this is the cause of writer's block. This is another one of my crazy theories. What do you think? Any other ideas? Let me know in the comment section!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter childhood memories

Why do I love getting snowed in?Is it the excuse not to go anywhere? Is it how the family is stuck in the house together? Whatever the reason, us snow-lovers are in luck due
to this blizzard everyone else is complaining about.