Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter childhood memories

Why do I love getting snowed in?Is it the excuse not to go anywhere? Is it how the family is stuck in the house together? Whatever the reason, us snow-lovers are in luck due
to this blizzard everyone else is complaining about.

I think I've finally figured out why I love snow days.

No, it's not about getting off of school, because I'm one of those weird homeschoolers that does school on even SATURDAY snow days...

Actually, I love wintry days like these because it brings me back to some happy childhood memories.

There's something about seeing all white out of the corner of my eye, somehow convincing me that the day is special.

I'm brought back to when I was younger, coming in the kitchen with my clothes soaked and hot chocolate waiting on the table. I hung up my clothes, sat down, and cheerfully watched the snow pile higher and higher. I knew it was winter - and I was happy about it.

To most people, wet clothes would be consider an annoyance, but like I said - it's all about the memory.

One winter, when I was about ten, I sat at the dining room table with my dad and brother playing a card game.  Every once in a while, I opened the clear glass door next to us and measured the snow - looking forward to playing in it later.

Why would such an ordinary memory be so, well, memorable? To be honest, I have no idea.

Do you have any memories like that? You know, memories that have always been special to you for some odd reason. What does winter look like to you?  Feel free to answer in the comment section (after you finish the article, of course:)

Then again, it's not surprising that I would have such an odd memory. Weather and I have had an interesting history during my childhood. I loved storms - especially when the power went out. Also, one of my seven-year-old dreams was to be a "weatherologist."

One year, I gazed out the window after playing in the snow that day. I was looking at the fire station's lawn of perfectly smooth and sparkling snow. Then I looked at ours. It looked rough with lots of footsteps and places where I had rolled my snowman. - nothing compared to the perfect, beautiful blanket of snow glistening in the moonlight across the street. I pointed it out to my mom, and she said something like, "I actually like our yard better. It showed that it's been played in and enjoy." I think I discovered a new 'dandelion' that day - imperfect lawns!

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