Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The cure for writer's block

Have you ever gotten writer's block? 

I'm sure you have. The blank page staring back at you doesn't help at all. Perhaps you've had the same thing, but with art. The blank canvas is just as blank as your mind. The question, "what do I write?" or "what do I draw?" echo in your mind, and that's all you can think of. 

You give up, continue with your day, and then it happens. 

You're supposed to be focusing on your math, history, or chore. But the idea bubbles up inside you until you're practically bouncing with excitement. Of all the moments to think of your idea, it's not the right time, or should I say WRITE time! (Pun of the day). You have deadlines. You have to be here, do this, and be ready for this. Your idea is too exciting and fun for it to be important, right? 


There is something very wrong about that mindset. The mindset that if it's enjoyable, it's not important. Protecting your creativity is crucial. 

Society plays a big part in the lack of creativity we are having - therefore, more cases of writer's block, and more people uninterested in writing. We don't appreciate writing like we should. Think about it. Writing gives you the opportunity to put whatever you want on that blank page. It's your chance to create the rules, the characters, and the situations. You even get to decide - and create - the world the characters are in. There are endless possibilities - all at the tip of your pen - or pencil, or keyboard. Why do we throw away this remarkable ability? And what role does society play in it? 

Our world today surrounds us with instructions: "How to fix a lawnmower" "How to be happy - ten easy steps." It figures it out for us - all we have to do is do. Not think, but do. It makes us feel that doing is our sole purpose in life. If we're not doing anything, we feel unproductive. What happened to good-old-fashioned sitting and thinking? And here we are, constantly waiting for the next instructions. We can't figure it out - that's the purpose of the internet, instruction booklet, or whatever. How could we ever make it in a world that doesn't tell us exactly what to do, for example, the world of writing. 

This is why we need to protect our creativity - because it's becoming a lost art. Don't be afraid to write - there's a world of endless possibilities, so that excuse is out of the way. How can you get in the creative mood? It depends on you. For me personally, I either pace around the room or listen to classical or mysterious-sounding music.Or both. But most of the time, when and idea comes to me, it's when I'm not trying. As for you, do whatever you want - go outside, think about an object and how you could write about, or don't sit at a desk. 

Just remember, wasted paper isn't paper that's used on amateur writing, but paper that's left blank. 

                                                       What do you think? 

I believe this is the cause of writer's block. This is another one of my crazy theories. What do you think? Any other ideas? Let me know in the comment section!

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